AS2/AS2/AS1 active setup review by Xavier Martinez

Xavier Martinez – 20 years guitar player / composer

Country: Spain.

Tesla AS-1

This is a review about the active AS2/AS2/AS1 active pickups from Tesla.

I have installed this pickups in my Carvin strat, so where to start ? These are the most exciting single coil pickups I have come across in many years, it’s this simple !!

Rewiring the pickguard was easy, since the package included everything , pots, capacitor, battery clip. I followed the wiring diagram in the website and in a matter of minutes it was working.


These pickups have it all: Power, clarity, punch, definition….they will deliver the famous LA studio clean tone in spades, just add some chorus and it’s there !!!. The 2nd and 4th “quack” positions are totally unreal ……………..On the other hand, add distortion and you will have a punchy and bright single coil sound , but completely noiseless. They are perfectly balanced also…..the AS1 in the bridge gives the extra oomph so the whole set sounds perfect. I would suggest to add an independent on/off switch for the neck pickup, so you can have the neck / bridge combination, that you will love as much as I do !!!

These pickups may be active, but certainly the don’t have any of the sterile qualities one normally associates with these kind of pickups. When I found out, I had been playing for one hour trying the different pickup combinations and nuances. Not to even mention that they react really well to the volume pot.

There is not a single negative remark I can make about these pickups, other than they are absolutely perfect. If you are looking for a MODERN single coil sound, these are definitely worth looking for. In case you are a vintage player, maybe you are better off trying the Opus S1’s since they will be much better suited to that territory.

I can’t wait to try them with an AH3 in the bridge………but with the standard set you can already go from country to metal. These have become my Tesla favourires, along with the Opus 1 humbucker. Good job, Tesla !!!!!!!!!