Plasma-X1 Review from SV Guitars

Artist and Manufacturer Mike ChenTesla Plasma-X1
Country: Singapore

I have installed countless of Tesla Pickups in different type of guitars and I would say they sounds good in 95% of the guitars.

Today I installed Tesla Plasma X1 into a Rally HMI-2010 which is a super strat body made up of mahogany wood.

The EQ graph for Plasma X1 in Tesla website is accurate. You must trust them!

The Neck Pickup offer a lot of clarity. Think of clarity of a single coil with thickness of humbucker.

It also react to pick attack extremely well, you can hear round articulated tone when you strike the strings hard.

The Bridge pickup handles clean and distortion well, the hump in the mid range enable cut through sounding.

Don’t be afraid about the lesser bass in the EQ graph, it just make the pickup sounds good without boominess.

I would say, Plasma X1 Neck & Bridge is a set of pickups that alot of guitarist are searching for, clean in the neck and good distortion in the bridge.