Plasma-3 and AH-3 Review by Chris from Spawn Guitars


U.S.A Guitar Manufacturer



The main emphasis of Spawn Guitars is hard rock and heavy metal guitars. We want our guitars to have the look, feel and TONE of not only the great bands of metals golden era, but also the new hard hitting tones of todays rock and metal players.

Before partnering with Tesla Pickups we tested out several of their pickups in various guitars/body styles/configurations. We wanted a pickup system that accentuated and complimented the guitars natural tones, nuances and characteristics.

For our stock import guitars we decided the Plasma-3 would be best suited for this.

The Plasma-3 is a great sounding and versatile pickup. It’s heavy when it needs to be.. warm when required .. and crisp in every position. Couple the pickups with a push pull/coil tap and listen as they deliver unrivaled clarity.

I give the pickups two thumbs up and would recommend them to any player.

For our U.S. built guitars we are going with the AH-3 active pickup. ALL of the Tesla active pickups are amazing.I was never a fan of actives UNTIL I put an AH1 in a custom we built.

Where many active pickups are very one dimensional.. even stale- meaning it’s wide open all the time and the tone never changes- Tesla has somehow managed to create and master a pickup that is both versatile and multi dimensional.

First they are LOUD- never lacking in the power department. Secondly they are clean… I have never had a problem with notes being muddied or drown out at full volume/gain. The notes constantly have an overall even response. Thirdly- they actually clean up very nicely when the volume knob is pulled back-yet never losing the attack or strength that you might expect.

I’ve tested out alot of pickup manufacturers- but for our guitars (and my piece of mind) I am %100 Tesla.