VR-B3 review by Nik Marcos

“Vintage Reflection Series” VR-B3 Pickup Review


For some time now I was trying to express through my bass guitar the sound which I have in my head, the sound that I would like to hear coming through the speakers of my bass cabinet. Through the years I was experimenting with different basses and pickups as well as with amplifiers and cabinets…On that journey I found my bass, my amp as well as bass cabs but I was missing that small peace of puzzle but of a huge importance for the tone. I was missing right pickups…

…In one small music shop I was spending some time trying different basses and they had one used bass which had amazing tone and it was equipped with Tesla pickups! To be honest, did not know much about the company so in the same day I went to Tesla website to learn more. After checking them out I contacted company directly and told them that I would like to try and use their pickups and asked if they are open for cooperation…I just had to have them in my bass guitars! Thanks to people from Tesla company I am doing this review for you now.

VR-B3 Pickup…on vintage 1983 Yamaha PB bass

Soon after I received a beautiful designed package with VR-B3 and VR-B2 pickups (Please also check my previous review for VR-B2 http://www.teslapickups.com/?reviews=vr-b2-review-by-nik-marcos), both pickups are from “Vintage Reflection Series” and as I opened it I was surprised with high quality made, plastic looked very tough and the finish is great. I was very excited and could not wait to install them in my bass…


After successful wiring (used very easy to read and helpful wiring diagram available on Tesla website) I turned up a volume and tone and played few notes…and the sound blow me away it was a massive improvement from the pickups that came with the bass and definitely more than I expected from “P” pickup…smooth vintage tone with massive low end and nice warm growl, full frequency spectrum and it gives you a lot more personality…that was the sound I was looking for…Vintage tone on a vintage bass guitar but modern sounding!

Next, I recorded it a little in my home studio and was amazed how well cuts through the mix and how even the sound was from sting to string…no hum or buzz…great versatile tone for different styles of playing…and they make your bass sound amazing!!!

For your information the VR-B3 pickups are carefully made with heavy Formvar copper wire, Alnico 5 pole piece magnets, a fiber bobbin and cloth covered wire. Equipped with 2 wire leads! For more details and specification please go to http://www.teslapickups.com/?products=vr-b3

Final words…

As a rock / heavy bass player I highly recommend Tesla “Vintage Reflection” VR-B3 pickup to all of you who are looking for that unique 60s and 70s vintage bass tone, high quality pickups for great price and no meter what style of music you play I am sure that you will love them from the first tone!

I would also like to thank to all the great people from Tesla company for their quick action and full support!

And to wrap it up with few very important words for you…No Tesla – No Power!

Nik Marcos

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