Emir Jugo reviews the Opus-TE


First day when I got OPUS-TE I was so excited that I just couldn’t wait a day to install them. Wiring was so easy thanks to wiring diagrams on Teslapicups.com.

First test of OPUS-TE pickups was directly into my sound card so without my guitar amp. When I heard the first tone I Immediately I knew that the pickups are real thing. I must say that I am impressed with neck pickup which is so warm and at the same time so punchy. Bridge pickup is story for it self. There is no thing that you cant do with that pickup and still it is traditional telecaster sound. It is so versatile that pushed me to play some metal riffs that I usually do not play. Middle position gives you the best of both pickups and you have great funky sound, sweet and worm. I must say that I love logo on both pickups they look so great to me. They are so well made looking and sounding great. Also I was expecting buzz because I had a Fender noisless pickups on my guitar before I got OPUS-TE and I was so surprised how quiet in terms of buzz OPUS-TE is. I recommend these pickups to everyone playing telecaster or other guitars no matter what king of music you are playing.

For Tesla team I wish many years of production,cant wait to try other Tesla products.

- Emir Jugo