Mark Claytor talks about the Plasma-RS1 and the Plasma-FH1

“What can I say!? I love Tesla Pickups! The first thing I noticed about the Plasma RS-1 in the neck position was the great “quack” and “woody” tone that I love. It’s a very smooth, Classic sounding pickup with great clarity. My Plasma FH-1 in the bridge is just a great “crunchy” “rock” sounding pickup with great harmonics, clarity and sustain. I prefer a boost in the midrange and as of late really prefer ceramic magnets for my tone. Also as my playing has “matured” and I do all the studio projecst I have, that I really prefer a mid gain pickup and these pickups fit my style perfect. Looking forward to working with Tesla pickups for a long time. Just go to my website or my Reverbnation page and listen to “Away from the sun” that is all Tesla pickups. Plasma RS-1 and Plasma FH-1 and you too will know why I love Tesla pickups!”