Opus-2, Plasma-1, VR-MM4, VR-B1 Staggered review by Drumfish Band

Band: Drumfish

Website: http://www.drumfishmusic.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drumfishmusic

Genre: Acoustic Driven Modern Rock


“I recently put a set of Tesla Opus 2 pickups in my twin humbucker T-style guitar and all I can say is WOW – the set sound amazingly crisp and clear, with more power than regular single coils but not as heavy as humbuckers. These humbucker sized P-90 style pickups are the perfect middle ground between single coils and humbuckers and they suit my playing style perfectly. Well done Tesla!!!”
Alex Petty – Guitarist/Vocalist with drumfish.

“My new Plasma 1 pickups in my 80′s Japanese Strat are perfect – all the glassy tone you expect from a good single coil, delivering classic Strat tones. I’ve tried many pickups over the years trying to find the right tone, but now I’ve found my answer. I love the Teslas and I’m looking forward to trying more!”
Larry France – Guitarist/Vocalist with drumfish.

“I now have four basses outfitted with Tesla pickups – a Music Man Stingray (VR-MM4), a Fender Jaguar Bass (VR-B3/VR-B4 combo set), a D&S Swingmaster Bass (VR-B1 Staggered set) and a D&S Rialto Bass (VR-B3). Needless to say, I am a convert to Tesla Bass pickups! I love the punch and clarity of the VR-MM4 in my Stingray, and the VR-B3/VR-B4 combo set in my Jaguar Bass provides me with a superb range of tones. My J-style D&S Swingmaster Bass now exhibits all the classic Jazz tones that many bass players love, and my fretless P-style D&S Rialto Bass has the perfect pickup in the VR-B3, which allows the instrument’s true fretless tone and warmth to shine through. As a bass player I couldn’t be happier with my Teslas, and highly recommend them to any bassist looking to upgrade their instrument.”
Graham Drew – Bassist/Vocalist with drumfish.