VR-B1 Staggered by Artist Gabriel Nava


What I like to hear in a bass guitar is the purity of its sound, I don’t want anything distorting it or any kind of make ups, and that is exactly what I can get from Tesla VR-B1 staggered pickups. I tried a few other brands of pickups and what I heard was either too much high and low frequencies or too much mids but nothing well balanced.

Tesla VR-B1 staggered pickups gives me the real natural sound of my bass and true voice taking it to a higher level by enhancing its particular sound characteristics and get them sound clear, round and warm. This way when I plug in to my amp I just set the pre knobs flat and depending on whether I’m in the studio or on stage just adjust the frequencies that I need take away or reinforce due to the acoustic characteristics of the room.


If I’m playing old school funk just turn the neck pickup all the way up, the bridge pickup and tone set to zero and I get a really big fat sound without loosing clarity and definition on my sound.

If I’m playing fast bass lines I turn the bridge pickup all the way up, set the neck pickup to number 3 from 1 to 10 and the tone control half the way, and what I get is a clear and well defined sound without loosing any punch and presence.

For slap bass lines these pickups are just a dream, by turning the neck, bridge and tone controls all the way up what I get is a big, warm, crispy and punchy sound, the lows and the highs are well balanced, everything I need to make my slap bass lines sound outstanding.


I highly recommend the TESLA VR-B1 STAGGERED Pickups to everybody due to the high quality and versatility of the product, another important thing I want to outline is the quick support response I’ve received.

e-mail: gebriol@hotmail.com


Certificate of completion, Los Angeles Music Academy, Pasadena CA (2003-04)

Principal Teachers (Bass)
Ed Lucie, Professor, Berklee college of music
Jerry Watts, Bass department chair, LA music academy

Master Classes
Abraham Laboriel, live session bass player
Leland Sklar, Phil Collins, Toto
Jimmy Haslip, The yellow jackets

Orquesta Panamericana, Phoenix AZ (2005)
Orquesta Salsa Caliente, Los Angeles CA (2005-06)

Luis Fonsi, USA (2004)
Noelia, USA (2006)

Various experience using a wide range of styles including jazz, rock and salsa in USA and México.

Current Band
Rancho la Puerta Band (2010-Present) (http://www.rancholapuerta.com/)

Bass Teacher, Artbeat academia, Ensenada B.C. México (2007- Present)
Director, Artbeat academia, https://www.facebook.com/artbeatens (2007-Present)

Recorded the sound clips for the TESLA BR-V1 STAGGERED, CORONA-B2 AND CORONA-5SC.